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Are You Tired Of Being Broke Yet? Stop Making The Same Mistakes With Your Money

How much money do you really need to be happy? Right out of the gate, let me answer that with an actual study… According to an article in The Huffington Post, in which (editor) Kevin Short did his homework and determined the magic number for each state, the average target…

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My Wife Doesn’t Appreciate Me

Before I dive into this one, let me point something out. The modern concepts of manliness generally don’t equate with being a good father or husband. There’s a lot of selfishness embedded in there. Not all men struggle with marriage and family life, but I believe most do. If you…

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The Busiest Guy in the Church

This was originally published at In case you haven’t noticed, I write to men. There are plenty of ladies who read my stuff, for one reason or another, but I aim my stuff at men. Why? Because I are one. Duh. I write from the perspective of a guy…

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Who Is Erik?

That’s a really good question….

I am a husband and father, blogger and writer, Christian, retired recording and live sound engineer, and recovering knucklehead who lost almost everything between 2009 and 2011.

After years of building up my pro audio career, my production company, and even my own recording studio, I found myself staring at divorce papers. My wife of 20 years had tolerated all she could take of me. The previous ten years, with all the stress and aggravation from building a business and working within ministry, turned me into a dark, angry and abusive man.

The divorce papers forced me to choose between saving my family and saving the rest of my world. That decision cost me two houses, my studio and production company, a motorcycle shop, and the very career I had worked so hard for.

The restoration process was the hardest four years of my life.

After getting into¬†marriage counselling with Joel and Kathy Davisson, everything began to turn around. My family was restored and my life changed in ways I couldn’t have dreamed.

Four years after being handed divorce papers, my wife declared that she loved me and wasn’t going anywhere. This entire site and all I have accomplished since then, are to her credit. She told me that I should encourage other men to step up for their families.

And, here we are…

Since confronting my issues and stepping up as a husband and father, we seem to have found success at every turn. Whether through the books I have written, or the home-based LegalShield business we opened, or even my return to professional audio as a writer and editor… I have gone from absolute anguish, to one seriously blessed guy.

Within this site, you will find a very diverse collection of categories from all the lessons we have learned.

Becoming a Better Man will walk you through what it took to save our marriage and family.

The Art of the Soundcheck is full of the lessons I wish someone had taught me when I first got into pro audio.

The New Adventure is where you will find our travels and plans for the future.

All Things Homestead covers home, garden, prepping and similar things.

The Dad Life is mostly about what we have learned as parents and grandparents.

And, our newest category is for Guest Bloggers and Writers who have contributed to this site. You can join the party, or request my material for your site, through the contact page.

I hope that you can take some time to read a few articles and offer a few comments. Maybe even join our mailing list and keep up with new articles as we publish them.

Thanks for stopping by.