Jumping ship. Making the big decisions.

This week, I begin a whole new chapter in my life. It’s a very exciting time, but also nerve wracking. I have made countless transitions in my life. Each time, each one, all meant letting go of the old and familiar to jump into the new and unfamiliar. I was offered a position on the […]

The single greatest moment of my life

Last night was date night. Nothing fancy. Thanks to an after school program that ran late and a 5k run that my wife had to leave early for, we had to keep it simple. (Not the great date concepts like our interview on spousedates.com) We just went to one of our favorite dinner spots. We […]

The Surprising Solution to Chronic Jackassery

In the classic style of email marketing and late night infomercials… Let me resolve an issue that pains so many of us. Some of us personally struggle with this condition, some of us are victims of someone else’s condition. Most of us have witnessed the effects and felt the inner torment when we witness someone […]

Making major change with minor effort

So, my classic old 1984 Toyota van finally decided it needed a major repair. The transmission surrendered. Can’t complain. I bought the old girl for $700 about two years ago, did a few repairs and drove it to death. Including tires, I have less than $1500 in it. Still deciding if she gets a transplant […]

Failing, falling and getting back up

It’s that time again. Someone pushed that button that demands a response. So. Here we go. I have been listening to our local Christian radio station lately. They have featured some artists that I worked with years ago. They have also run some really good teachings from pastors I never heard of before. But a […]

Punching the man card

Someone sent me the man card image. We got a good laugh out if it. My wife got a bigger laugh when I started pointing out how many of those manly man items were on my résumé. So, in defense of my utter and absolute manliness, let me explain myself. Grow epic beard. Got that. […]

My completely irrational sense of hope

I have to be honest with my readers about my situation. None of these articles are being written from an ivory palace. There’s no abundance here. I am still struggling with the decisions I made years ago. Years of neglecting my family and finances are still causing us problems. My family gets stronger every day, […]

Raising a colorblind generation

Racism is the hot button right now. Even in my quiet little town, we have been seeing people protesting things from hundreds of miles away. It’s a subject I haven’t really dealt with much in my writing. Maybe it’s time for my two cents worth. I am a white man. Plain old white bread with […]

How to win an argument with an atheist every time

In the two years since I began writing this blog, I have heard some amazing debates and arguements. I have heard from multiple denominations and backgrounds. I have listened to their opinions, even when those opinions were nothing more than arrogance and dead religion. They don’t appreciate the fact that I don’t need to argue. […]

Celebrating another great year

Another year gone. Yep. December 31, 2014 marks two years since I posted my first blog article. It embodied a goofy, less than mediocre writer making an attempt to produce inspiring content for men needing encouragement. It turned into a mix of comical and confrontational comments from a world class knucklehead who tends to learn […]

Do Christians have any business celebrating Christmas?

Do Christians have any business celebrating Christmas? As a Christian with atheist friends, I get exposed to some pretty interesting stuff. One reads incessantly, he one of the most intelligent and opinionated guys I know. He constantly posts his findings on Facebook to share with us. While reading his most recent discoveries, I was shown […]

Divorce is unavoidable

I hate to say it, but divorce is unavoidable. There is no way around it. The patterns and habits, you have developed, guarantee that those wedding vows and promises will be worthless. Unless you look for certain issues, in your marriage, and deal with them. There are two kinds of men, who don’t really have […]

The luckiest man in the world

That’s right. It’s me. I am the luckiest man in the entire world. Twenty five years ago, today, I married so far out of my league that it still blows my mind. You might think that’s an exaggeration. You might even be rolling your eyes, thinking that I am just goofy. But the fact is […]

Cookbook for couples, good stuff

I was asked to review a cookbook recently. Something very different from my normal stuff, but I agreed. Christi Silbaugh and Cedar Fort Publishing & Media are pleased to announce “Gourmet Cooking for Two” blog tour. I have now had a few months with this cookbook. Wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I was […]

Persuaded to become a Christian

In Acts chapter 26, King Agrippa told Paul that he was almost persuaded to be a Christian. Paul, wearing chains and accused of madness, had simply told his story. He told how violently and radically he had opposed Christianity. He told of how Christ had become so real to him, that he had converted all […]

Taking responsibility for your future

Ok. Here’s the deal for the day. I want all the younger guys, the newlyweds, the ones dating and the ones who are just reading this hopefully to hear something clearly… The good life doesn’t happen by accident. Happy marriages don’t “just happen.” Financial security is rarely as simple as a lottery ticket. The folks […]

The Impending Doom of a Control Freak

I heard a story about two ladies, each married to a control freak. Even though these guys are completely different, they still qualify. Their decisions and action are forcing their wives to work around them. They are destroying their marriages and pushing these ladies to consider drastic measures. Knucklehead number one. They were happily married […]

Marriage, according to the manufacturer’s intended purpose.

Someone commented, on another blogger’s site, about what qualifies as abuse. He didn’t believe yelling or arguing or any of the “normal” stuff qualified. Someone else claimed that flirting wasn’t cheating. I have a different opinion about all that. “Except for use, other than the purpose designed for.” That’s the type of disclaimer found in […]

Do the clothes really make the man?

Do the clothes really make the man? I heard that line recently. It rolled around in the back of my head for the last week or two. Just pondering it. I know what the line is supposed to mean. I have been out in a high dollar suit before, dressed to kill. I know how […]

Surviving the long ride. Dealing with the junk in the road.

I love motorcycles. Pretty much all of them. While in recording school, I worked for a shop that serviced and sold used bikes. It was great. Working the sales lot required me to become familiar with everything that came in. It also required me to ride everything at least once. Really tough job. There was […]

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