Facing your worst fears. My encounter with a bear.

I never should have gone outside, that late at night. It felt like a bad idea from the first step. But I had to. My wife and kids were out of town. I had the house to myself. Well. Me, the dog and cat. I really hate that cat. It wakes me up demanding food. […]

Finding ways to bless my wife everyday

A good friend of mine sent an article. 24 facts of real life couples. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In reading, I noticed that we were doing 19 out of the 24. It got me thinking about the little details of daily life in marriage. Maybe I should let you guys know my routines. Disclaimer. I […]

Preparing to live the good life

There was a story I heard, years ago, about a tropical village needing a new king. The tradition, on this island, was to choose a new king every ten years. Once he was king, he could do anything he wanted. Every whim and desire became reality. The village was his to rule and manage. The […]

The paper doll effect

In her infinite wisdom, my wife has discovered something that destroys relationships. She calls it the paper doll effect. It’s when we try to impose hurts and expectations, from previous relationships on our present relationships. Pretty impressive concept. She has a friend that is in a dysfunctional relationship. They aren’t married, but constantly argue and […]

The long road to restoration and the lingering effects of an affair.

I have a story to tell. Someone close to me, has survived an affair and is working to restore a marriage. He isn’t ready to share all the details or even his name, mostly to cover his wife, but he wanted me to tell his story. Hoping it will encourage more guys to be proactive […]

The reality of taking a leap of faith

As a Christain, I can say this without much reservation. Most of us do really stupid stuff. On top of that, most of us do that stupid stuff, while claiming that God told us to do it. Admit it. You’ve done it, too. Let me be a little more specific. The infamous “leap of faith.” […]

Ten simple rules for being a happily married man

Ok, guys. I am going to let you in on a secret. It’s not that hard to keep momma happy. Seriously. Let me lay out the simple ground rules for keeping peace in your home. If it matters to her, it should matter to you. If she loves roller skating, I suggest you learn to […]

The truth about consequences

Last night, I did something that makes me cringe. The very thought, makes me begin to stress out and possibly panic. But, it had to be done. I went to Walmart. My old counselors and psychologists didn’t have a solution, but they claimed to understand. There’s something about walking into a Walmart that puts me […]

Diffusing the explosive child

I have children. That’s a big statement, all by itself. But, there’s more. These kids range from 12 to 30. We have encountered almost every aspect of parenting by now. Some things went beautifully, creating lasting memories that we will all cherish forever. The rest made our kids believe their parents were psychotic fruit cakes […]

How do I get my wife to serve me?

Alright. Let’s just jump into this one. I figure that the guys who found this, were probably searching for it, or the title got your attention. Either way, I want to help you understand the best way to get your wife to serve you properly. First things first. Is this really your wife? These rules […]

Learning to love, the right way

Can I take a moment to clear up some misconceptions? Like the one where God uses evil to get us to act right? Where He is a mean guy, poking us with a stick or beating us into submission. The problem with that idea, is that would make it ok for us to do the […]

How does church compare to happy hour?

I heard a pastor, once, who said that a neighborhood bar was closer to an ideal church than most churches are. He pointed out the sense of community, the singing and dancing, the fact that folks went out of desire and not obligation. I think he was onto something. There are a lot of similarities. […]

Reaching the End of Yourself

In 1996, I was managing a warehouse in Georgia. My brother was hired to help with a large project, and worked with me for a week or so. During this time, we had to use the “old van” to run across town. It was the first one ever bought by the company and wasn’t exactly […]

The truth about the three little pigs

I heard a phrase, once, while working in Texas. “All hat, no cattle.” It was in reference to someone who talks big, but can’t back it up. Talking a good game is worthless if you can’t actually play a good game. During a planning session for a production, a director kept describing things they were […]

Christianity 101. Judging other Christians

I am a perfect, flawless Christian. Be like me. Seriously. How can I say that? Mostly because I am obnoxious and a little sarcastic. Also, because I understand what a pathetic excuse for a Christain I actually am. I know that I need the grace of God to make it. I am using His ID […]

Lessons learned from my kids

In early June, of 1991, three very memorable things happened in the same day. First. I sat and witnessed my little girl take her first steps, all by herself. It was amazing. It was a huge deal. I was so excited that I set the second memorable event in motion. I called my wife at […]

Taking some advice from Popeye the sailor

I am what I am. Classic line from the old Popeye cartoons. “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.” Love it. Take wisdom where you find it. I found it in a black and white cartoon about a spinach munching, one eyed sailor. Yes, I did. The point? I am taking […]

Listening for the Sound of Hope

It’s going to come as a surprise, but I am generally regarded as stubborn and slightly obnoxious. I can live with that. Once I believe in something, everyone hears about it. The trick seems to be, getting me to the point where I honestly believe in something. The friends I have, the ones I openly […]

Destroyed by Selfishness

Well the numbers are in. According to an article by “Opposing Views” that researched infidelity among religious groups, we win. Evangelical Christian men are the least faithful of all other religious folks. Nice to know, isn’t it? There’s a very popular website out there called Ashley Madison, that helps married people find dates and affairs. […]

Another day in the life

Yep. It’s that time again. I am overdue for a tirade and today is the day. Here’s the laundry list of irritants for this week. A friend, a fellow blogger, is closing down one of the most popular blogs I work with, thanks to a selfish toddler of a husband. A blog that she has […]

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