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My name is Erik Matlock

Husband. Father. Writer. Sound Guy. Christian. Learner of hard lessons. Recovering knucklehead, with plenty of stories to prove it.

Welcome to the new website.

This new site represents a merger of all the blogging, writing and various projects I have gotten myself wrapped up in over the last few years. Just trying to simplify my life.

All the articles from “Becoming A Better Man” and “The Art of the Soundcheck” are here, just use the categories links to get into those specifically.

Watch for the “New Adventures” articles (coming soon) to follow the latest news and stories.

Click on the “Becoming A Better Man” category for the stories and lessons of marriage, family and restoration. Ruining and restoring a marriage, raising kids, surviving family and faith. Discovering purpose and destiny. All here.

Click on the “Art of the Soundcheck” category for lessons and stories of more than 20 years of mixing and recording. Church sound, studio work, AV and live sound, design and installation. Professional and personal. It’s all in there.

If you feel really adventurous, click on the “Uncategorized” category and see how it all blends together. Sound like fun, doesn’t it?

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