Hound dogs and porch nails

In the process of writing 21 Days to Save My Family, I posted a couple of excerpts on here. This is from the book.

So I heard this story about a farmer and his dog. They are sitting on the front porch, just enjoying the sunshine, when a neighbor comes over to visit. When he sits down, he notices the old hound dog. The dog is laying on the porch, moaning and whining. Squirming a little, but still flattened out in the sunshine.

“What’s wrong with your dog?” The neighbor asks.
“There’s a nail poking out of the porch and he’s laying on it.”
“Well. Why doesn’t he just move?”
The farmer looks at the old dog and shrugs.
“I guess it doesn’t hurt bad enough.”

Yeah, I am about to turn a stupid story like that, into a life lesson.

I am imagining on old, fat dog enjoying the sunshine. He has found a nice place to be. He has gotten comfortable and is mostly happy to be there. But something is bothering him.

That stupid nail. Poking his fat. Everything about his little world is just right, except that nail. So, what does the old dog do? He moans and complains about something he has the ability to change, but doesn’t move. If he was willing to put out enough effort to drag his lazy butt over, two feet, that nail would be out of the way. He could solve his own problem, but he won’t.

Now. Let’s be philosophers and find other perspectives on the old fat dog story.

What about that farmer? Why didn’t he fix that nail? It’s his porch, it’s his responsibility. That dog is a victim of his negligence. The dog should sue the farmer. The farmer has obviously abused his position as the owner of that farm house. He has all the wealth and resources at his disposal, surely a hammer and one minute of his life isn’t unreasonable. The farmer is to blame for that dogs misery.

And what about that neighbor? He sees the problem. What kind of man would allow an animal to suffer like that? What kind of friend would allow that kind of pain and suffering to continue? Monster. It’s his fault.

Oh, and consider the company that manufactured and sold the defective boards and nails to them. They are to blame. All that money and power earned by producing inferior products. They should be held accountable for that garbage. It’s their fault.

Yeah. People actually think like that.

I was one. For about ten years, I griped and complained about how everyone had failed me. I lived in a dark cloud where I had a very hard time finding sunshine. I did ok at work and most other areas. But at home, my wife and kids had a guy who was always upset about something. Always angry with people who failed me. Always complaining about things that didn’t go my way. My problems were always someone else’s fault.

My amazing wife tolerated that crap from me for many, many years. My wife. That lady I made all those big promises to at our wedding. She married a guy who had fun and spent time with her. She ended up with an old dog laying on a nail.

After a while, she figured out that I had become the nail she was laying on. I was the one making her life miserable. Well. Since she’s the smart one here, she decided to solve her problem, even if I wouldn’t. Divorce papers are a great way to get someone up off a nail. Worked for me.

So, here’s my point of the day. We don’t want to hear your whining or your excuses. We are tired of you blaming everyone else for your problems. If you are miserable, do something about it. The people who are sympathetic to your misery are sick of it. They are sick of you using your problems to manipulate them and demand sympathy. Your wife is tired of you treating her like a dog one day and your mother the next. Quit the whining and complaining. Do something about it. Stop making everyone miserable.

When you are ready to get past all the junk in your marriage, call Joel and Kathy. Tell them I told you to do it.

Get over it. Grow up. Man up. Get up off the nail.

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