What men need to know about true romance

So I have been challenged to write a very specific article. I am supposed to separate fictional romance from legitimate romance. Ok. I am on it. Brace yourself. This is probably not what you are expecting.

As men, we rarely read romance novels or voluntarily watch the romantic chick flicks. That kind of stuff doesn’t really appeal to us. Unless you can squeeze in some explosions or insane car chases, we won’t even consider them. However, if you mix in enough sex, most of us will pay attention. If you use the film or book to convince us that romance leads to sex, we stay tuned longer. I think that’s where the paths separate.

Hollywood has done an amazing job of teaching us about love and sex. The two seem to be inseparable. Whether you are forty somethings on the rebound from failed marriages or teens playing out the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Either scenario always ends with sex. They always seem to skip the important stuff. The stuff that makes sex more than just an animal instinct. Dogs do it. Cats do it. I even caught a pair of toads doing it in my laundry room once. Sex is not romance.

This is part of a guest post for “Dancing with Fireflies.” I only get to run a sample on my own site. The full article is here….
What men need to know about true romance.

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