The truth about consequences

Last night, I did something that makes me cringe. The very thought, makes me begin to stress out and possibly panic. But, it had to be done. I went to Walmart.

My old counselors and psychologists didn’t have a solution, but they claimed to understand. There’s something about walking into a Walmart that puts me on edge. Since I am not a very sociable person, by nature, most crowded areas tend to cause a certain amount of stress. But, I am getting better. Slowly.

My wife understands. She doesn’t have a problem going there. She does, however, wonder about why it affects me like that. We had a conversation about it from the moment we hit the parking lot. It started when a group of teens walked out in front of our car.

We waited for them to cross, but they didn’t. They just stood there. Then one threw some trash at the building. Then they stayed there, in the middle of the driveway. Not moving. Blocking traffic from both directions. Oblivious to the possibility that someone might be recovering from dramatic anger issues and this might be enough to push them over the edge. Clueless, inconsiderate, rude. Finally, they moved on.

What occurred to me, was one of the reasons I don’t like going in there. There is a large portion of the clientele, that displays highly arrogant and rude behavior. They dress like they expect MTV to show up with cameras, or like they were about to help Jeff Foxworthy write some fresh material. They will push someone out of the way when they need something. They demand respect without being respectable. They have horrible social skills. I don’t enjoy being in the middle of that.

I believe that part of the issue, in our modern society, is a delusional understanding of consequence.

Kids walk in front of cars, because they don’t believe anyone would run over them. Folks says horrible thongs to others, thinking nobody would retaliate. People steal, because they don’t believe they will get caught. People cheat, because they are sure they can get away with it. We are detached from reality.

Students threaten and attack teachers, thinking that they are untouchable. Parents are afraid to punish children, because they don’t want to get arrested. Children become criminals because their parents never taught them about consequences. We are in a ridiculous downward spiral. Something has to change.

The bible says that a child left to himself becomes a shame to his mother. We are told, to not withhold correction from our children. My childhood is littered it’s memories of having my rear end paddled. Hardheaded kids took more work, to teach respect. But, we understood consequences. I do something, something will probably happen. It’s common sense. Cause and effect. Teach them respect. Teach them that good things come to those who do good, bad things happen to those who do bad things. Sowing and reaping. Plant corn, grow corn. Plant wheat, grow wheat. Do bad, bad stuff happens. Call it karma. Call it what you want. It’s consequence.

I wrote about the absence of fathers, how men affect their children. I also wrote about the foundation of effective parenting. Both cover this in better detail. For now, I just wanted to throw that out there. As parents, and grandparents, we have to make sure they understand consequence.

The best way to make the world better, is to make stronger families. Dads, do your job. Take care of your wife and kids. Be the man. Not a bully or tyrant, just a good man that loves his family. One more link for you guys. Here’s what I learned about my purpose in life. The most noble and worthy purpose in life.

It might be good for us all, to learn a little more about consequence. Be good to your family, they become more loving and supportive. Show them that their needs are more important than yours, they start to be more concerned about your needs. How your wife that she is the most important person alive, her desire for you changes.

Or just go with the way, most people are doing it.

Show everyone how selfish you are. Make every decision about your own benefit and best interest. Treat your family like a nuisance. Play the “freebird” card and run off to satisfy yourself, forgetting about them. Then you get to eventually enjoy the consequence of living alone, or surrounded by people like yourself. It’s called consequence. Make a choice. Live with it. Learn from it. Go back and read those links.

Maybe, we really can make this world a better place. Maybe, one day, I can go to Walmart without getting stressed out.

One thought on “The truth about consequences

  1. I have to agree Eric! Consequences r a very hard thing for some people to deal with! They seem to think they can do anything they want to others and convince themselves it’s ok! But what gets me is, usually the worst of these people, don’t face consequences for their actions and the innocent suffer!!!!!!! It sometimes makes me wonder if they ever will!!!!!

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