How to win an argument with an atheist every time

Since my Facebook page and website show a short preview, I am dragging my feet on this introduction. I want you to read this, not assume you know the punch line from the first paragraph. Ready?

Here’s the simplest way to defeat any challenge to your faith. It works with atheists, agnostics and virtually anyone else who might think that your Christianity is a joke.

Live it.

Christ said that they would know us by our love. Not by our ability to argue or debate. Not by our ties or haircuts. Not even by the amount of scriptures we memorize. He said that our faith seems legitimate when we love each other.

Two of my best friends are atheists. That does not change the fact that I love those guys and consider them my brothers. They don’t bash me. We don’t have any issues between us. It’s just not real to them. They don’t believe the same way I do.

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