The Surprising Solution to Chronic Jackassery

In the classic style of email marketing and late night infomercials… Let me resolve an issue that pains so many of us. Some of us personally struggle with this condition, some of us are victims of someone else’s condition. Most of us have witnessed the effects and felt the inner torment when we witness someone who carries the condition.

I am referring to the condition of chronic jackassery. A condition that leaves the carrier in a mental condition, forcing their behavior to resemble a complete jackass.

Just like you, I used to suffer from chronic jackassery.

The constantly arrogance and stupid decisions were miserable. The abusive nature was destroying my family. I needed help.

I carried all the classic warning signs and symptoms. Based on my own research, jackassery is ranked in degrees, like a sunburn.
Maybe you don’t understand the various degrees.

The actual lists are quite extensive. These are examples, not completely lists.

First degree jackass.
Asinine, selfish, juvenile behavior. Irresponsible, careless, obnoxious. Examples include urinating on a toilet seat without any attempt to lift the seat or clean up after themselves. Leaving grocery carts in parking spaces, rather than walk eighteen feet to put it away. Even though they just spent an hour walking around with it, the extra ten seconds of effort is just too much drain on their dwindling energy. Dresses and acts in various ways to intentionally annoy most of humanity. Insists on driving at least ten miles over the speed limit, even in school zones and residential areas. Believes replacing a roll of toilet paper will cause brain damage. Incapable of simple domestic tasks.

Second degree jackass.
Tends to exhibit many of the same traits as a first degree jackass, also adds another dimension. The second degree is less about mindless jackassery, like the first degree jerks. The second degree is more likely to be aware of their own attitude and arrogance, while seemingly incapable of correcting the condition. The second degree jackass was historically known as the guy with a chip on his shoulder. Waiting for opportunities to prove themselves superior to the simple first degree losers. Every confrontation, challenge or complex situation is generally met with an irrational response. Examples include smashing cell phones, running to the car and burning out of the driveway after any argument they didn’t win, punching holes in walls, using intimidation to convince a wife that they are superior.
The second degree jackass is typically more confrontational than the irritating first degree jackass. He will generally embody between ten to fifteen of the 21 forms of abuse within marriage. Maybe more, maybe less.

Third degree jackass.
Almost compete disregard for any human need or desire, except their own. Maintains relationships primarily for their own personal benefit. Absolutely abusive to most people closest to them. Regards other men as superior to any woman, including his own wife. Most likely guilty of fifteen or more forms of abuse within his marriage. Arrogance on an epic level. The third degree jackass is generally considered beyond counseling or recovery.

It was just miserable. I qualified as a solid second degree jackass, bordering on third degree.

And I really feel for anyone else putting up with jackassery. Whether they are a carrier or a victim.

But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, one day while I was trying to figure out how to make my wife act right, I had a conversation about how to solve my marriage problem. I decided to listen to a guy who was a bigger jackass than me. Someone who had already recovered from third degree jackassery and was coaching men on how to do the same.

Joel Davisson, of informed me that all of the problems within my marriage basically came down to the fact that I was an abusive jackass. At first, I considered just hanging up on him. Then I considered telling him that I thought he was a bigger jackass and where to stick his phone. But, something inside me, something marginally rational, decided to shut up and just listen. He gave me the push in the right direction to begin changing my home. He told me to get over myself, quit being a whiny, selfish jerk and become a decent husband.

As he told me, the simple problem within my marriage was me. I was an abusive and controlling jackass. My wife just wanted a happy home and a family. I was demanding everything on my terms and being a jerk. He told me to grow up and focus on taking care of my family. Meeting their needs and stop demanding everything benefit me. He told me to read Ephesians chapter five, focusing on verse 25.

So, I tried it to see what would happen.

And much to my surprise … it worked!

In fact it worked so quickly I almost thought it was a fluke.

But it wasn’t a fluke.

It DOES work.

(Actually, that’s just standard sales pitch stuff. The hole I had dug was so deep, it took years to win her heart back. It was over four years before she was convinced that I was becoming a good man and was serious about loving her and caring for her.)

But I do believe it can eliminate most of your jackassery problem, too.

I show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same thing in my 21 day challenge.

Click here to order a copy of the book. 21 Days to Save My Family.

But hurry.

Right now it’s priced low.

That won’t be the case forever.

Grab it today and watch your jackassery problem virtually vanish before your wife’s very eyes. (Not immediately, of course. Most of us are in deep. 21 days is really just the start of the journey.)

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But you can’t put this off.

Don’t suffer another day with chronic jackassery. Don’t make your wife suffer another day, married to a complete jackass. The power to change is right in front of you. Don’t wait. Order the 21 day challenge to begin restoring and healing that home, ravaged by pure jackassery.

(Yes. It’s ok for the wives to order copies and give it to him. Go ahead. I won’t say anything.)

Thanks for reading. Good luck on your road to recovery.

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