Lessons about life, learned from my wife

In the twenty-five-plus years we have been married, I have figured a few things out. Most importantly, my wife is a whole lot smarter than anyone has ever given her credit for.

I am a reasonably intelligent guy. I can tie my own shoes and put words together. I can generally function in society. But, without her influence, there’s a whole lot I didn’t understand.

I wanted to share some of the wisdom I have received from this amazing lady. (and a random photo of a happy cat.)

Enjoying Life

We would be fully capable of surviving in a world with brown grass and grey skies. All the color and vibrance of the world around us is not necessary for sustaining life.

But it’s there, it’s beautiful and she loves it.

Stopping to smell flowers. Standing still and watching the clouds roll over. Smelling and tasting food without just horking it down. Feeling the material of clothes. Allowing a cool breeze to wrap around her. Soaking up sunshine. Absorbing details of music and art. She can turn almost anything into a sensory experience.

Puddles need to be stomped through. Cool rain on a hot day, must be danced and played in. Good books must be read. Naps must be taken as needed. Happy songs must be sung out loud. Silly dances and funny voices must be part of daily life. That’s her.

Friends and family

I can’t help but notice how many people never seem to mature beyond the drama of high school. Gossip, grudges, offenses. These things don’t stick to her. She is fully capable of maintaining relationships and developing new ones. She genuinely loves people and being part of their lives. Making friends with her usually means you are in for life.

She doesn’t take on relationships just for personal benefit. She isn’t manipulative. She is genuine. People are worth more than just what they can do for her. She is highly compassionate and willing to help anyone who needs her.

Even the people who have used her, lied to her and utterly failed her… She is still capable of being kind and generous. It’s humbling to watch.

Even more humbling to experience.

Work Ethics

My wife takes ownership of any job she takes on. Whether it’s a paying job, volunteering or just managing the house. Once she commits to something, it’s hers.

The details matter. She will not step over trash on the ground. She doesn’t ride the clock and wait for someone to tell her what to do. She finds ways to keep things in order and moving efficiently. She doesn’t waste time or avoid responsibility.

Proverbs tells us to observe skilled workers, they will stand before kings and not be left in obscurity. Earn promotions by doing the job to the best of your ability. That’s probably why she moved directly into management at every company she ever worked for.

I think the old “work hard, play hard” idea is just part of her. She makes the most of life.

There’s enough to worry about without us making it worse. This amazing lady has taught me so much. I fully expect to live longer by following her around than I would have lived on my own. Stress is not going to kill her.

And, thanks to her influence, I don’t think it’s going to get me either.

Her love of life and people is contagious. Her happy spirit and passion seems to rub off on anyone spending time with her.

I may be the one writing the books about saving the family, but she is the one teaching me how to do it. 

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