The reason the American church is doomed

In direct response to many Christians who are losing their minds over the whole gay marriage issue, I have a suggestion.

Get over it.

That also goes for every other issues that the American church has gotten its panties bunched up over.

Remember that Jesus guy? The one we are supposed to follow? Our Founder.

He didn’t demand legislation to make everyone act like Him. He didn’t wait for government to meet needs or raise children. He didn’t demand that everything be fair and equal.

He didn’t really get too upset about anything, except when religious people were more concerned with status and stuff than they were about His people.

Jesus had a pretty short fuse when it came to abusive hypocrisy and dead religion.

Too many churches are being twisted into daycare centers that teaches manners or inbreeding grounds where people are taught to look and act like each other.

That’s a long way from where we are supposed to be and the influence we are supposed to have.

We are taught that “where our money is, there will our heart be also.” Does the church checkbook show that we are caring for our people or building monuments to our own greatness? Are we building up our community or just our property value?

We are taught to love our neighbor. We are told not to judge. We are told to forgive. We are bogged down with laws and missing the important parts.

Here’s the part that really bothers me.

If we were taking the teachings of Christ, and applying them to ourselves instead of imposing them on everyone else, the church wouldn’t have to worry about most of these issues.

If we were willing to love our neighbors as ourselves…

If husbands really loved their wives as Christ loves the church…

If our kids had solid examples, and not just rules to follow…

If our children saw something in our life that they wanted, Christianity would be self propagating. But, for the most part, it’s not.

If we invested in our families and communities, what would happen to crime and poverty? If the family was as important as it is supposed to be, this entire country would be in very different shape.

But no.

We preach and teach about issues that don’t make an eternal impact. We ask people to give and volunteer and work for projects that keep them busy, but accomplish nothing.

To the church leaders, here’s a challenge.

Figure out which families are struggling and how you can help. Look for marriages and kids who are in trouble and do something about it. ChallengeĀ each other to make changes that build up families and not just the offering plates.

Those people are your ministry. They don’t exist to make your car payment or give you a title. Prove that your ministry is worth something. Stop wasting so much money and effort on stuff that doesn’t matter. Give up the dog and pony show.

To you church members, don’t be afraid to step out. If the leadership is only focused on the buildingĀ and the money, move on. If lives and families aren’t being restored and improved, keep looking.

Don’t allow a bad shepherd to shear sheep he hasn’t fed or protected.

Stop searching for the approval of men. Stop giving every moment and dime to a church that isn’t concerned with your family. You won’t fulfill you purpose and destiny by losing them.

If the church can’t even follow the teaching of the Founder, what good is it? The church is supposed to be a vibrant part of the community. Not a hungry beast we are struggling to keep alive.

Hypocrisy and dead religion will be the downfall of the church, not gays and politicians.

Wake up. Fix your foundation.


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