The Three Life Hacks You Need Right Now

Anyone with an online presence has seen the random articles from those ad-saturated website that tease you in with partial headlines and stupid questions.

Generally, we just call them click bait.

After the latest round passed by, I considered that maybe I should offer up a few legitimate life hacks learned from my own bad decisions and stupid ideas.

Ultimate storage hack
Without exception, the absolute best way to maximize your storage space doesn’t involve vacuum sealed bags, plastic totes or storage rentals. The best life hack for storage is to simply downsize to the essentials.

I was once confronted with the concept that we are accountable for everything we hoard that someone else needs. The junk we pack into boxes and never see again might be the very tool someone else needs to solve a current crisis.

I have more stories than I will ever have time to tell about this one. Selling things off when we needed money. Giving things away when we saw a need. Throwing things away when they were not good for either.

There is tremendous satisfaction and peace in downsizing to a reasonable level, not to even mention the feeling when you bless someone else. Don’t be a slave to materialism. Dump your junk.

Ultimate money hacks
For the low, low price of $29.95, I will send you everything you need to know about getting rich overnight by….

Seriously. Almost everything that keeps you poor is wrapped up in that message. Hurry up and make a decision. Spend money to gamble on a questionable idea. Expect someone to hand you wealth. Always look for a shortcut, ethical or not. Oh, and don’t forget the “bless me God even though I haven’t bothered to bless anyone else.” Love those.

We have all fallen for this crap at one time or another. There are better ways to get ahead.

Work more than you are paid to. Keep yourself occupied with tasks that make money, not searching for ways to spend it. Save as much as you can. Be patient. Read more, ask questions, take advice from people who are already doing what you want to do. Be generous and help others in need.

Make yourself valuable. Don’t expect anything to make you rich quickly. Learn to play both offense and defense with your money. Make it and protect it.

Ultimate marriage and family hack
Here’s the deal. Want to divorce-proof your marriage and bring your whole family closer together? Prioritize. Know what matters most.

Guys, your wife should be the single most important person in your world. Every decision you make should reflect that fact. Women who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are loved and appreciated make amazing wives.

Women who are neglected, abused and disrespected don’t tend to be the best lovers or friends. Pretty simple. Love her right and invest in your future.

Those kids also need to know that they matter to you. Turn off the tv and listen when they want to talk. Do stuff together. Sometimes it needs to be the stuff that they want to do. Don’t just drag them around running errands and doing stuff you want to do.

Give them your full attention, even when it’s the same six-second video clip of a guy crashing a bike over and over. Even when your teenage son is determined to explain why he is laughing at another one where he is actually watching someone else play a video game.

If you ignore them when they come to you with little things, they will never expect you to listen to the big things. When they know that you are listening and care, they will come to you with everything.

The absolute ultimate life hack? Have one. Yeah. A life. Not just staring at your phone, being a mindless consumer or working like a drone. Enjoy, experience and enrich your life. Have an adventure. Give up the selfishness. Escape the comfort zone.

The next time you are tempted to blow some cash on one more piece of junk that will end up in storage, don’t. The next time you have the opportunity to pause that movie or even your life, just so your kids can tell you something, do it. The next time you get to decide between spending another ten minutes doing something pointless or spending that time getting to know your wife a little better, choose her.

Life is a precious gift. Learn to appreciate and make the most of each moment, while you can. We only get one shot before each moment passes. Make them count.

Got all that? Now go deeper with one of my books from the top tabs. You, and your family, will be glad you did it.

I recommend the Becoming a Better Man book as a starting point.

M. Erik Matlock is a self-professed recovering knucklehead with more than 500 articles and four books in print. He shares his hard-earned wisdom at, and through his books, which are available at Amazon.

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