Belize and Mexico Adventure 2016 – Cancun

Finally, we got some sleep.

Geri is still sleeping at 10am. I hated to do it, but I woke her up so we could get some breakfast. We went to the hotel buffet for fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, coffee and tea. All those nights in Airbnb stops were a great experience, but the breakfast buffet at the Krystal Grand Resort was amazing.


We discussed our plans for the next year. Getting Paizley into a house. Getting Naomi ready for college. Getting Garrison more music lessons. We both want to get back into physical training. (Obviously, I need it more than she does.)

We made plans to talk to our friend Kevin Williams about all that when we get home. He is actually a former Power Ranger from a few season who teaches MMA fighting at Remix Martial Arts in Palm Coast. (Side note, we did start training as soon as we got home.) Breakfast was 560 pesos with a 100 peso tip.

Geri has several ant and mosquito bites on her toes and legs. (I guess that even mosquitoes and ants recognize that she looks way more attractive than me.) Going through a lot of hydrocortizone over the last two days. The resort has a doctor, will go see him if they don’t look better soon.

Headed back out to explore the hotel and the area. The beach here is amazing. Planning to go for a swim once the temperature drops below the melting point of lead.


Walked the tourist traps until I began losing my cherub-like demeanor. The vendors are pushy and rude. I kept getting called “Mr. Whiskers” to the point where it was pissing me off. We finally found a souvenir shop without a jerk out front and bought stuff for the kids and us.


Some rum and shot glasses for friends at home. A pack of ridiculous hot sauces for my indestructible son. Also found a great Mexican wrestling mask for him. (Which he loves wearing in the house, for no logical reason.) Picked up a beer for the room and few more random things, spent a whopping $55.

Went down a little farther and got soap for our laundry and a bag of sun chips. I told the old man in the store that his chips were really expensive. The little guy looked at me with a straight face and shrugged, “They are imported.” Best laugh of the morning.

Back at the resort, I checked on a spa package for Geri. They have a full facility onsite. Scheduled her a deep tissue massage, drank beer, ate chips, did laundry and hung it on the balcony to dry. (Even though the glass door clearly informed us that the hotel didn’t appreciate rednecks doing laundry like that.) Watched some classic AC/DC videos on YouTube and got ready for her appointment.


When we went back down, we bumped into the exact reason most men should never wear a speedo. An extremely rude guy who resembled Mr. Potato Head in bikini bottoms pushed past us, since he obviously needed to go change immediately. Sorry, no picture…


Geri sang “Baby Got Back” while we watched other folks with similar taste in doughnuts and swimwear walk around the pool. Dropped her off and paid $110us for a 50 minute massage. Bought a cigar and 2 beers. Setup my office on the deck overlooking the beach.


(My office for the day.)

Geri loved her spa treatment. She was the most relaxed I have seen her in weeks. Legs like jelly and completely disoriented about facing reality again after almost an hour of bliss. Tipped the masseuse 300 pesos, just because of that.

Went down to the beach and jumped into that incredibly seaweed heavy surf left from the hurricane. Played around until we were utterly grossed out. Rinsed off and went to the adults only pool. (Which would have been a great idea if it had been enforced.) Picked more beer and contemplated the best day ever.

The day kept improving from there, but those details are nobody’s business…

We cleaned up and went to the 24 hour taco shop for the best $9 I ever spent on dinner. Found more beer and went back to the hotel. (Yep. We went through a few here.) Watched crappy local cable, drank beer and thought about how good today has been.


For the record, that 24 hour taco shop has to be the greatest idea ever. Setup with two tables, one cashier, two people making tacos like a small version of a Subway franchise. Will be going back. (We did, more pictures and details later.)

There is nothing I can say to fully explain how awesome this woman is. So happy to be married to her. Life is good.

For those who don’t know our story, this trip marks seven years since my wife announced that she wanted a divorce. The details are spelled out in my Better Man section of this site. My book, Becoming a Better Man, also explains what led to divorce papers after 20 years and what it took to get us where we are now.

There was nothing easy about 4 years of anguish as I worked to restore her trust and affection, but… wow. It has been worth it. Almost 27 years married and we are happier now than ever.

Still a few days left on this run. Stay tuned.

M. Erik Matlock is a self-professed recovering knucklehead with more than 500 articles and four books in print. He shares his hard-earned wisdom at, and through his books, which are available at Amazon.

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