Belize and Mexico Adventure 2016 – A Lazy Day

Slept in as late as we could before hunger set in. Went to breakfast at the hotel and watched all the entertaining tourists. Played “name that tune” with the muzak in the background. Some of it felt sacrilegious.

Nobody should do that to classic rock.

Changed into bathing suits and spent about 3 hours in the “adult-only” infinity pool and on the deck. The pool at the Krystal Grand allows you to soak on the edge, while overlooking the beach and cabanas. Incredibly relaxing afternoon. Perfect weather. Cold beer. Spectacular scenery.


Had three German guys hanging out in front of us. I couldn’t help but crack up at them sneaking glances at Geri. Almost 50 years old, easily enough to be their mother, and still hot enough to turn heads. Yeah. That’s right. She’s with me.

Geri said she was ready for some food when another family tried to take over our pool chairs. Literally sitting all around us and eventually just sitting with us, on the end of our chairs. Not acknowledging us at all. Since we were leaving anyway, I didn’t make a scene.


(Inside the hotel looking down.)


(Inside the hotel looking up.)

Back to the room for showers. While she finished getting ready, I listened to the folks above us dragging furniture around on tile floors. I guess they were renovating a room. The screeching and moaning sounded like Wookies being bred involuntarily. Not a pleasant sound.


(Yeah. It’s in pesos, but still pretty expensive.)

Went to the Grill restaurant onsite for lunch. Geri had a small margarita pizza. I had basil pesto linguine with mushrooms and 2 beers. 665 pesos including tip. They advertised that the exchange rate was 16:1, but in reality it was closer to 20:1 while we were there. A peso was worth about a nickel.


Back to the room for a nap. Again, utterly amazed at how awesome my wife is. Resting and relaxing is not part of my nature. I always feel like something needs to be done, written, edited, sorted, built or repaired. Geri is the opposite. Highly productive, but fully capable of relaxing when she needs to. She is rubbing off on me… gradually.

Getting ready to go home. Normally, I am the road dog and handle all the flights and details. Geri is handling it this time. She did the online check-in, got our seat assignments and boarding passes while I did virtually nothing.


(Giving her the chance to be the tall one for a change.)

Sat in the room with leftover pizza and beer. Watched “Panic Room” with Spanish subtitles. Just another excuse to do as little as possible.

Once the travel arrangements were done, we went back down for one more walk on the beach. The hurricane washed tons of seaweed up. We only got to swim that one time and were so grossed out we couldn’t take it. It’s worse now. A few days in the sun has the whole coastline stinking like a wet landfill.


As much as I wanted to do it, I had to skip an amazing opportunity for a photo. About 6 locals had been drinking on the beach, for what must have been all night. A few empty 12-pack boxes and dozens of empty beer cans were all around them. Three were still passed out in the sand. All three looked like mimes. They had gone down, face first in the sand, and never cleaned up. Not sure if a sand mask is good for the complexion.

If the others had been unconscious too, there would be a whole lot of funny pictures right here.

Climbed through a condo gate and worked our way back to the Vegas-like strip. Outside the Hard Rock we stopped to watch an impromptu dance performance and consider going to the shows. We decided against it for two reasons. We were trying to rest and didn’t feel like wading through the crowds. That, and we had blown our budget already. Cancun will get really expensive if you aren’t careful.


Dodged the pushy vendors and made our way back to the little 24-hour taco shop. Again, it was awesome and less than ten bucks. Geri had two tacos, loaded with everything she wanted. I had four. You know. Because a figure like mine doesn’t happen by accident.


Had another encounter with a family of Americans sitting at the table next to us. Loud, rude and arrogant. Speaking a mix of English and Spanish. They mentioned flying back to Miami and Geri looked distressed that they might be on our flight.

This was about 8 people that had the poor little guy at the grill so stressed out from yelling and snapping at him. Mexico… I apologize for how some of us act.


Walked back, past the girls selling handmade jewelry, scarves and purses. A four-year-old girl followed us, trying to sell us stuff. Geri sent her back and we passed one more tourist vendors who tried to sell us adventure packages for snorkeling and diving. Nope, going home, we are done.

It’s very peaceful tonight. There’s a kid playing guitar in the lobby. The beaches are empty behind the hotel. Just listening to the waves and enjoying our last night in Cancun. Ready to get home to our kids.

Packed up everything we won’t need in the morning. In bed by 9:30. One more travel day and this run is over.

M. Erik Matlock is a self-professed recovering knucklehead with more than 500 articles and four books in print. He shares his hard-earned wisdom at, and through his books, which are available at Amazon.

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