Is Digital Currency Our Best Option For Investing And Future Retirement?

If you’re following Bitcoin or Etherium, you know what’s happening. The value has gone completely off the charts. But are you in? And why am I discussing this?

The focus of this site is, and always will be, about becoming better men and building stronger families. That hasn’t changed. But, I think we are coming into a season where we had better plan ahead.

If you read in the style of a drunken rabbit that can’t decide which way is home, but is making great time like I do, you learn about a lot of things you weren’t actually looking for. I didn’t plan to start studying financial markets and self sufficiency, but as I learned more it became necessary.

The eternally long focus of today’s rabbit trail is primarily money, what it’s really worth, where to invest it and what the non-mainstream media is reporting through blogs and articles. It also holds a few semi-pointless arguments for developing situational awareness like Jason Bourne or maybe even the lifestyle of Robinson Caruso.

If you don’t know who those guys are, look them up.

This isn’t me telling you how to invest your money, it’s just me telling you what I see on the financial horizon and I’ve learned and done about it. As for myself, I want to retire some day. Doing nothing more than telling my stories, writing books and travelling more whenever and where ever we want is an amazing concept. The thought that anything can accelerate that plan is something I have to consider. I just figured other commoners like myself would want to know what I found.

And, for the record, when I mention sites and authors I follow, they will be tagged at the bottom.

So, Bitcoin is currently the big dog of digital currency, in case you don’t know. It’s one of many cryptocurrencies that are finally piquing interest in the financial communities, and in a dramatic way. If you don’t know what it is, think of it as essentially a type of Star Wars-style credit that is worth whatever we believe it’s worth. Currently, we think it’s worth about three grand per token. As opposed to the 400 or so we thought it was worth a year ago.

Like it or not, this is the future.

That scrap of printed green paper in your pocket is slowly going the way of the road atlas, typewriter and 8-track tape… which was really a good thing. Boston’s first album left a track change click mark in a few spots that still resonates in my head when I hear any few select tracks.

The US dollar has lost so much value over the last hundred years that what used to fill a grocery cart won’t buy you lunch today. It’s in a fairly strong position at this moment, but if they don’t turn off that Xerox machine printing money soon we will be reminiscing over those good old days when milk cost less than a new tv.

Bitcoin, and the others, offer not only an investment, but might be the only form of currency available in a few years. Getting in early was my only advantage, since I don’t have much to invest anyway. Seriously. I have bounced about 600 bucks around between Bitcoin, Etherium, and LiteCoin for the last few months and my highly optimistic account balance with Coinbase is now worth over $1900.

Granted, crypto has a pattern of falling as fast as it rises, but it keeps finding new highs. If you watch them daily, you can track the patterns and jockey positions just like the stock market. Mine was at $1400 a few days ago, and then under $900. Regardless, I only have $600 invested. (well, that was accurate until about 20 minutes ago. I bought more. Couldn’t help it. Then it fell a little and I almost didn’t publish this.)

Watch the charts for daily, weekly and monthly activity to see what’s happening. Watch the yearly chart to track patterns. Also, you can watch the hourly activity chart if you just want to make yourself crazy. Yes, it can be a roller coaster some days. But again, it has always bounced back to new highs.

So the obvious question becomes, “If you believe in it so much, why aren’t you deeper?”

If we weren’t in the process of buying a house right now, that account would be enormous. Just awkward timing. Next month though, we are riding this train with renewed intensity. Here’s why…

First rule of investing. Never buy what you can’t afford to lose.

In other words, don’t bet the farm on anything that isn’t guaranteed to pay off. A leap of faith with the rent money never seems to find a safe place to land. We have to move very soon, so by that rule, I can’t afford to gamble the down-payment. Make sense?

We take chances on investments everyday. This one just seems to have more long-term potential than any others I see. If the housing market was moving like cryptocurrency is, the news would be blowing up over it.

If the stock market was moving like the digital moolah, we might forget that it’s propped up on a very delicate credit structure with many similarities to a house of cards. (As well as I understand it at this moment anyway.)

While I’m here, let me offer another heretical commentary.

Pastors, hear me. Unless you are willing to personally feed and shelter every single person you have influence over, do not tell your people that digital currency is about the mark of the beast. I have already heard the cries of a few pastors who have chosen to play that card. It’s going to cause serious problems.

You know, whether you want to admit it or not, that sooner or later there will be something that bypasses those credit card that can be lost or stolen. Oh, and your keys. And your ID. Don’t forget about your passport. Technology tends to get smaller. Something in the form of a chip or tag will eventually be all we need. It might be several years down the road, but it could just as easily happen tomorrow.

And… if you refuse to accept this quantum leap into the digital future, you and anyone you are influencing, will starve under a bridge. I am very serious. It would be awesome if I am proven wrong about that part, but I can’t see how. I will be the first to admit it if this is all based on a lot of bad information. But as of this moment, I can’t see a way around it. Mark my words. Do not allow your own ignorance to hurt your people.

This change is inevitable.

Speaking of the digital future and how we won’t need to worry about losing things, one big prediction that I am hearing quite a bit involves the future of Etherium. (click that link for something better than my simplistic description.)

Etherium is expected to pass Bitcoin soon, possibly even before this year is over, because it’s more than currency. In the very near future, through Bluetooth or some similar feature, you will need your phone to do things like checking in at a hotel. It could be a card, but more likely the phone. Checkpoints at the counter, just by being within range, can withdraw the fee for the room without ID or even a conversation.

Once implemented, it will do the same at gas stations, grocery stores, utility companies and probably everywhere else you spend money.

Right now, according the folks at CoinDesk, the Dubai airport is setting big changes in motion. Since they insist on staying ten years ahead of the rest of us, the airport is planning to implement not only blockchain technology for transactions, but also for digital passports and scanners. Etherium is on track for these kinds of projects. Nothing else seems close to carrying that much information or that many options in one token.

Right now, Etherium is the most likely choice for that airport project. If they make it happen, the price of Etherium is going to break every record in the book for growth over time.

But that’s not all folks…

That same Etherium token also tracks your purchase and assures you that everything will be perfect. It will, from its own code, act as your room key and pay your bar tab. No cash registers. No more “put it one my tab.” Nobody without digital currency gets anything. That’s why Etherium is where most of mine is sitting in my Coinbase account. (If you want to see exactly why I have moved everything into Etherium, read this.)

Experts I follow have mixed predictions of where the crypto surge will finally level off. Numbers vary from $25,000 per token, to as much as one million by the year 2025. Regardless of where it finally lands, it’s a whole lot more than it is now.

Feel free to consider this free consultation instead of selling you a report. You can just send my 5% commission through PayPal. Yes. I think I am serious. If you tipped me off to something that could help me retire in a year or two, I would probably reward you, too.

Just a thought.

Now, here are a few of the other sites I follow, with alternate ideas of what relevant information looks like…

Coin Desk

Rich Dad

Off the Grid News

The Penny Hoarder

The Motley Fool

America Uncensored

If you are willing to test the waters of digital currency, I have a discount code for Coinbase that benefits both of us. If you are willing to invest just $100 in opening a crypto account, they will add $10 bucks extra to both of our investments with the code. Free money.

Click here to take a look. I think it’s in your best interest to get in as soon as possible, before the prices go up more or you don’t have a choice. Do your own research. I obviously can’t predict the future with absolute accuracy, but this looks like my best option, based on all I have read.

If this just isn’t something you are willing to invest in, there’s another big change coming just as fast. Sign up for my email list and we will notify you the second that article is posted. In the meantime, get something in motion. I have to recommend Coinbase because that’s who I use. (regardless of public opinion.)

M. Erik Matlock is a self-professed recovering knucklehead with more than 500 articles and four books in print. He shares his hard-earned wisdom at, and through his books, which are available at Amazon.

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