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Stories and articles from my Art of the Soundcheck blog. Lessons and stories of more than 20 years of mixing and recording. Church sound, studio work, AV and live sound, design and installation. Professional and personal. It’s all in there.

Foundational principles of church technical service

This article is taken from my book, "Basic Training for the Church Audio Technician" As a church tech, what is your real job? That question can spark endless debates. Usually,…
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Planning to upgrade your sound system? Do it right the first time.

This is an excerpt from my new book, "Basic Training for the Church Audio Technician." One thing that often leads to a tech learning about their system quickly is the…
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The tale of the territorial sound man

This was originally featured at There's a special disease that only techs carry. I covered this issue, in detail, in my Soundcheck book. It's something I refer to as…
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Church tech nightmares. Facing the musicians.

It's not easy, being a tech. We face a barrage of challenges, every time we enter the room. Most often, it's our diplomatic skills, more than our mixing skills that…
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The secret of effective troubleshooting

This was originally published at Ok. So I was asked to explain the basics of troubleshooting. Well, it's hard to boil a lifetime of tech work, down to just…
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Seven ways to make better equipment purchases

This article was originally published in Church Production Magazine. I have the distinction of being that freak who has crossed over multiple boundaries. I spent my time as a road…
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