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Some subjects are better handled privately. If you want to ask a question, discuss a situation or just call me a name that isn’t appropriate for publishing… Do it here. I am not out to embarrass anyone. I occasionally use contact subjects for articles, but never include specifics or names.

You can also go directly to the marriage forum for help.

For everything else, please scroll down and use the contact form.

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Speaking Engagements and Book Signing Events

I am now accepting requests for both. Message me for the details.


Bulk Orders of My Books

I have some discount packages available for larger orders of my books. If you plan to use these as part of a group, outreach or maybe even your own bookstore… message me and I will do what I can to get you the best prices.

Keep in mind, I have a standing policy to give free digital copies to anyone who asks. If you don’t need a physical copy of any of these books, I will gladly send free PDF versions just for asking.


Guest Blogging

I am also now accepting submissions for blogging slots. If you have material that you would like to see on, fill out the contact form and send me a link or a summary of your work. I don’t guarantee that it will run, but if it’s a fit, I will let you know.

I am also offering to write specific pieces for other bloggers. If you would like to see what direction I can take a specific subject, bring it on. I don’t charge for these agreements, but I do ask that my links remain active and I get credit for the article.

The policy goes both ways. Full credit, back links, author bio, and all embedded links to remain active. I have to insist on that for my articles. I also offer the same to anyone else who entrusts their work to me.


Use of my content
Everything on this site is technically protected by copyright. I have no problem with reposting of my material, I actually appreciate the support. However, I do ask for a few considerations.

Please give credit, including my name and website, whenever reposting anything. I have run across several sites using my material without giving me credit. It’s worse when someone takes credit for something I wrote.

Please contact me whenever reposting my material. I just like to see where it is being used.

Please do not repost artwork from my site without permission. I have specific agreements with the art providers. You may be in copyright violation by using it. I can’t be responsible for that.

Please leave all links active whenever possible. Most links send traffic to books I sell and other people we support. Disabling these links defeats the purpose of sharing them.

This site is for your benefit. I am offering years of hard earned lessons free of charge. Please honor my requests here. Keep in mind that I am still a LegalShield associate and have the most amazing team of attorneys backing me.
I hope I never need to use them over any this.

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